Do you sometimes struggle to turn your thoughts to action? That can happen to everyone. You've probably tried to set yourself a reminder, but ended up not following through. Like tying a knot in your handkerchief! What if there was an app that took you one step further?

A Knot in Your Handkerchief

The RITME app does exactly this. Set ringtone reminders to be unlocked by stickers around the house. This way, you commit to at least checking on your affairs, before making a decision about following through. Nothing more and nothing less!

What's more, the RITME app can also be told to remind you of different things if you're in different places. Need a different reminder schedule for school than at home? You can set different locations to bind your reminders to. Once you wake your phone after the reminder starts, the app will turn itself off again if it sees you're not home.

For QR-code stickers, check below for our offering! For the app, check below for links to the iOS and Google Play Store!
  • Reminders can be set to require scanning a QR-code sticker.
  • Reminders can be set to check if you’re in the wrong vicinity and turn itself off after reminding you.
  • The RITME app works with all QR-codes. RITME's QR-code stickers are water-resistant, durable and can be ordered below!